Steal her style: Kate Middleton’s Gorgeous Hairstyles

Posted by Maggie on Thu, Jul 19th, 2012
3 royal hairstyle ideas to wake up your inner princess.
It didn't take Kate Middleton too much time to put her name down as the most beautiful member of the Royal Family and a new style icon. Her effortless yet stylish hairstyle is already making its own waves in the fashion world. If you want to wake up your inner princess, here is a few ideas for royal hair styles 2012, one hundred percent Kate-inspired!

Kate Middleton’s Wavy Hairstyle
1. Effortlessly beautiful wavy hairstyle
Kate's classic look is of course her chocolate lustrous tresses lifted up at the roots and coming down the length of her shoulder finished with this perfect wave at the bottom.
To achieve similar result use any product that will protect your hair from breakage, blow it dry and try a quality curling iron just on the ends to give your hair this princess-like look.

Tips: When you try it at home, we recommend using a smoothing shampoo fist and then shine serum or spray to give your hair this extra bit of shine and stop it from getting frizzy. Keep it smooth!

Kate Middleton’s half up half down hairstyle haircut
2. Elegant half-up, half-down hairstyle
Although Kate clearly prefers letting her hair down, sometimes she’d like to add a little bit chic flair to her trademark wavy hairstyle by pinning some of her hairs back. Here is a marvellous example.
And what’s nice about this hairstyle, it’s a lot easier to achieve than you have thought: you will need to blow dry your hair giving it a bit of volume and back-comb it at the top, slightly though, as you want to create a natural effect. Then just take a strand from the side of your head and pin it at the side. Repeat on the other side. The finishing touch is to twist both strands and pin them again and you're ready to go!
This half up half down hairstyle is great for long- haired girls from morning till evening.
Kate Middleton’s Braided updo hairstyle 2012
3. Fancy braided updo hairstyle
For the Olympic Concert in May Kate made heads turn not only because of her daring lacy dress, it was her intricate braided updo that caught our attention. This glamorous elaborate braided hairstyle revealed her neckline and show off her lovely features.
This updo may be a little too much for any normal day but it is a best bet for a wedding, prom or a fancy night out.

Click here to check out howtos:
Kate Middleton’s Braided Updo Hairstyle

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