How to slim a round face with long hair, modelled by Sarah Hyland

Posted by HairLady on Mon, Sep 15th, 2014
While we congratulate The Modern Family on being showered with awards for the nth time, we are more interested in what has been happening with Sarah Hyland hair styles. The sitcom star has a round face and her hair is naturally curly so we hope that her choice of hair dos could be an inspiration for all round faced girls who want to slim it out. Tell us if you have tried any, or all or them!

High bun

Sarah Hyland high bun

High buns are the way to go if your face is round because the pile of hair on top of your head elongates not only your face but the whole silhouette so that you appear slimmer overall. The only thing you need to remember is not be afraid of volume of the bun because obviously you don't want to look like a Japanese samurai warrior. If your hair is thin or not long enough you can help by using clip-in hair extensions for more volume. This hairstyle is chic, sure, but don't forget to pull some hair out if you want a more relaxed look.





Bold layers and ombre

Sarah Hyland bold layers and ombre

With a round face like Sarah's we know that your priority is slimming, slimming and slimming. Long layers will do the trick diverting attention from your round cheeks. You might want to straighten your hair a bit for this, too since straight line of hair will break the roundness of your face.  But that is not all that is going on in here, noticed the ombre shade, anyone? It brings depth to the hair and, again, serves a a mean to slim the face down a bit. 






Sarah Hyland asymmetry
The most important trick in the book for those of us with round faces should definitely be asymmetry. In the picture Sarah is doing the double act of asymmetry, combining a super deep side part and a ponytail that falls on one shoulder. For a similar effect but a bit of a different vibe, try a braid instead of a ponytail, but make sure to keep it a bit messy. 





Hair slicked back

Sarah Hyland hair slicked back hairstyle

You might have spent years trying to hide your full cheeks behind a curtain of hair so we have a news that could surprise you. Pulling your hair back and showing off your face might actually make it appear slimmer. There is a secret to it though – go for a side parting and leave some hair covering your forehead to break the roundness. And why not try those dangle earrings? 






Mess it up

Sarah Hyland messy bob haircut
One more idea for a round faces gals is to embrace the curls. But forget the tight springy sort, they will only make your face look like full moon. We are talking beachy waves and tons of texture. That is another diversion technique in the slimming book and it works like a charm with round faces. In the picture, Sarah is pulling it off gorgeously. We love the shoulder-grazing length as well.





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