Solange Knowles Shaves Head

Posted by HairLady on Fri, Jul 24th, 2009
Solange Knowles Shaves Head

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Sun, Dec 29th, 2013, by Marie
I love this look on her!!! It opens her face up and shows us how lovely she is. I want to cut my hair like this. For the people that are saying negative things....ITS NOT YOUR HAIR!!! Black people always have something negative to say about other black people. I'll bet if she had weave all down her back you people would say how beautiful she looks. How pathetic for someone to need somebody else's hair to be considered beautiful. I love this look Solange!
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Sun, Feb 6th, 2011, by elle
The only reason people are saying hold your head up and own it is because it looks horrible and they feel bad for you.    You are beautiful, but you do have very strong features a little length softens your look.    I am sorry but you look like the guy that does the 7up commericals.    He is beautiful, but a man none the less. What happened.    Even if it was for locks of love you wouldn't need to shave your head.    If you had braids or dredsin for a long period of time, you sometimes need to shave them off to get your hair healthy again.    You are beautiful, and the last writer is correct F#@'$ what other people think but this is a blog and this is only my opinion which does not matter. I think it would of been great just an in or two longer.
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Sat, Jul 25th, 2009, by barbarawingham
to:solange i say you go girl do whats best for you, in a society where we are judged on looks, size, color, everything but the content of our character, i say you look beautiful and that your hair does not define who you are no matter what people say and people that don"t know you will talk stay true to you, because if you love it hold your head up and live on.
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