Katrina Medium Hair Cut

Posted by HairLady on Thu, May 18th, 2006

Tools you will need:

  1. Soft 'N Style The Hair Colorists Tool Kit
    One Tint Bowl
    One Dye Brush (Applicator color tool)
    One Dye Brush (Long Tail)
    One 3-in-1 Coloring Tool
    One Jumbo Rake Comb
    Three Long Jumbo Hair Clips
  2. Scissors
  3. Comb
  4. Blow dryer

Color :

  1. For 'lived-in' feeling, create shadow color in roots with tint retouch.
  2. Deep, radical zigzag sections create dimensional color.
  3. To maintain soft dimension underneath, color surface with sponge. Direct hair toward nape to keep section neat.
  4. For internal highlighted look, alternate all three all three colors in zigzag section one to two inches deep.
  1. Leave dark oval shape on top crown to overlay and add dimension to cut.


  1. Start at nape. Make diagonal forward partings from above occipital bone (base of skull) to middle o fear. Point-cut A-line shape in perimeter. Taking central vertical section, comb hair out from head shape. Cut slight graduation, maintaining length in perimeter.
  2. Pivot remaining section from center. Overdirect each section back, maintaining length at corners. Point-cut sections to create looser texture. Work diagonal forward partings from crown down into recession area, again take central section, using underneath as guide, cut layering angle to blend lengths.
  3. Take diagonal forward sections around head shape. Slightly overdirect back from ear forward, overdirect all remaining sections back to ear. Elevate using perimeter length as guide.
  4. Take central profile section back from forehead to crown. Using crown-length as guide, cut section to follow shape of head.
  1. Pivot vertical section off crown. Cut round layer in. From crown forward, take diagonal back sections, continue rounded layers, releasing more weight from center.
  2. Take fringe section. Cut square, working straight our from head shape, point-cut deeper into center, use slicing to create softness.
  3. Personalize shape by slicing weight our of tap area and through ends.
  4. Finish
  5. Work serum into hair to minimize frizz. Then apply volumizing spray for increased body. With dryer set on low speed and high heat, dry loosely using hands, to finish and create separation, apply pray wax.

This style can be found in Technical Volume 2!

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Wed, Dec 28th, 2011, by pooja
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Wed, Nov 25th, 2009, by Lindsay
super cute!
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Tue, Dec 2nd, 2008, by swz
The bangs feel like part of the entire style. simple and chic.
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Tue, Feb 5th, 2008, by Rachel
I really love this! Different, but cute. The bangs would get on my nerves though.
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