Hottest Celebrity Hairstyles from the 2010 Emmy Awards

Posted by Hairguy on Tue, Aug 31st, 2010
The nominees for the 2010 Emmy Awards were in top form for the red carpet when it came to their hair. Knowing that many viewers are more concerned with the best celebrity hairstyles rather than the Emmy winner, the beautiful actresses went all out to get just the right look for this special night. And they succeeded providing an inspiring selection of hot celebrity hairstyle trends for women to choose from.
The 2010 Emmy Awards were particularly fun to watch because the versatile updo dominated the night. Ranging from elegant and formal hairstyles to free-flowing updo's that gave a more relaxed attitude to the festivities the actresses managed to delight viewers with the sheer variety of celebrity hairstyles.

Leading the way in flattering updo's was Keri Russel who had a great looking loose updo that allowed her to show her playful side. The waves and careful layering highlighted her eyes and playful smile giving her the most relaxed look of all the actresses that night. By allowing her wavy hair to move freely it helped to add volume and body to her hairstyle. Her easy to style haircut is sure to be one of the more popular celebrity hairstyles to come out of the 2010 Emmy Awards.

Heidi Klum's short black dress has gotten a lot of the press, but her tight updo hairstyle deserves some mention. While her dress is more suitable for clubbing the very formal hairstyle gave her an elegant appearance that draws the eye to this talented woman. Her hairstyle added a mature aspect to her look that looked great on her. Combining the playful black dress with the mature hair made her a popular draw on the Emmy Awards red carpet, and shows how a woman can be fun-loving yet glamorous at the same time. 

For women with long hair seeking the perfect celebrity hairstyle can't go wrong copying Naya Rivera. Placing her great tresses into a bun at the top of her head, added to her height and instantly attracted the right kind of attention. Her bangs carefully balanced out the formal appearance of her hairstyle. By almost reaching the eyes Naya gave herself a youthful appearance that perfectly matched her radiant smile.

Kyra Sedgwick went with a more natural look as she accepted the 2010 Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama. Her loose wavy hairstyle looked almost messy in comparison to the carefully prepared updo so many actresses chose. But through careful layering, and great blonde highlights she pulled off the natural look. Her hair had great body, a lot of volume and made the actress look far younger than her 45 years. For easy maintenance women on the go should definitely try this simple and effective celebrity haircut.

Last but far from least in great hair was another actress who chose to avoid the updo craze, Julie Benz. This beautiful woman dazzled at the 2010 Emmy Awards with her simple over the shoulder pony tail. A normally casual hairstyle was turned into a fantastic one by expert highlighting and careful styling at the tips of her gorgeous hair. When the bright lights reflected off of her hair it served to highlight her fantastic cheekbones. This celebrity hairstyle is one of the easiest ones to achieve for any woman and is suitable anywhere, if this isn't a 2010 trendsetter it should be.

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