Get the Look ' Steal Kim Kardashian's Haitcut Style

Posted by HairLady on Fri, Jul 30th, 2010
Not only every man wants to be with, but also a lot of women want to be like. Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly one of the most attractive women in the world. She always keeps in the hot list of celebrity gossip.

Along with her beautiful face and sexy body, one of her 'wanted' features is her hair. Kim has long, soft, shiny, dark hair. Most of the time her style is simple and sexy with loose curls, but sometimes she wears different hairstyles, such as straight, ponytail or updos. No matter what her hairstyle is, she is just so appealing and attractive.

If you are trying some soft, feminine-look hairstyles like Kim Kardashian this summer, here are some tricks to steal Kim's hot dos:
'First, make sure your hair is as long as Kim's. If you have short hair and like long hairstyle, you'd better wait your hair grow long with patience. Deep conditioning your hair every week is the simple and efficient way to keep your hair healthy. Always remember healthy hair is the key to achieve beautiful shiny long hair you dreamed of.
'Next, get a great haircut. A haircut is everything. Once you have grown your hair to the length you want, ask your stylist for long, sexy layers just like Kim's. A well done layered haircut can make you look fabulous.
'Finally, dye your hair the correct shade of black.
'Now, you can try various hairstyles like Kim's with help of hair styling tools. Use large size curling iron to curl for sexy loose curls, or use flat iron to straighten your hair for a sleek straight look.

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Comments on Get the Look ' Steal Kim Kardashian's Haitcut Style

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Wed, May 4th, 2011, by Lindsey
Her hair is beautiful an she is 2..shes so amazing an I look up to all the people that say negative things about her are Jealous!!!!
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Mon, Apr 4th, 2011, by kwynn
i love her hair
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Fri, Mar 11th, 2011, by raquell
I love her hair so much. My hair is super
Long and I want to get it cut like hers..but idk what to tell the hairdresser...???...
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Mon, Aug 16th, 2010, by swz2000
Her hair is as beautiful as her face.
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Mon, Aug 2nd, 2010, by elizabeth
her hair are gorgeous
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