Duchess Kate's Classic Canadian Hairstyles

Posted by HairLady on Thu, Jul 7th, 2011
Newlyweds Prince William and Kate are on official foreign trip in Canada.
Of course, we are mostly interested in Kate's hairstyles.
And this time, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge didn't let us down! She even surpassed our expectations by wearing her long tresses totally up.
Up or down, Kate's hairstyles have remained consistently perfect!
See all of her hair makeovers thus far and vote!

Kate Middleton loves to wear her healthy, glossy long hair down in loose curls, and her North American tour is no exception. Kate looked flawless as always with her usual hairstyle.

Kate looked fabulous landing in Ottawa with a chic half up half down 'do on June 30th. Instead of letting her hair completely down, this time, Kate styled her long brunette hair half-up. Clipping the top section of her hair back into a small bun gave her style a real feminine feel while the gentle wave screamed vintage glamour.
She should wear her hair up more often!

FINALLY the hair in an elegant updo!
Kate made a major hair change at a July 1 evening ceremony, her hair was all pulled back into a low bun showcasing her beautiful features.
I have to say this is a perfect change for Kate, I am a big fan of this new 'do!

The Duchess of Cambridge continued to impress us with her gorgeous hairstyles, this time opting for a simple ponytail.
I can't help envying that Kate was even able to look absolutely stunning with just a simple ponytail.

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Thu, Aug 4th, 2011, by lee
I always liked what Kate did on her hair, especially the half up half down. It shows her style is graceful and elegant.
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