Dakota Fanning's Casual Long Hairstyle

Posted by Leane on Fri, Aug 21st, 2009
Dakota Fanning's Casual Long Hairstyle
Hairstyle: casual long hairstyle and curls
Color: Light Brown, Ash Brown, Light Ash Brown, Golden Brown


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Sun, Aug 1st, 2010, by Anonymous
So pretty. Her hairstyle is the best because she doesn't have all those dumb choppy and multi-color layers that make your hair look crazy. The hairstyle is so elegent and S-I-M-P-L-E and it looks like it would be easy to maintain. Also, since it looks great just down and no fancy curls etc her hair is probably healthier than a lot of celeb's hair that always gets curled etc. Way to go DAKOTA!
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taylor McGrath
Sun, Apr 11th, 2010, by taylor McGrath
for a actress she has horrible hair in this picture! if she was regular it would be okay tho...
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