Victoria Beckham Short Haircut

Posted by HairLady on Wed, Jun 6th, 2007
"Like a new woman" -- that's how Posh feels with her new blonde hair, according to an interview she gave British paper The Sun. The do is for a new ad campaign for the US launch of her and hubby David's Intimately Beckham perfumes.
Victoria Beckham Short Haircut Victoria Beckham Short Hairstyle

Front: The front of the hairstyle shows off asymmetrical lengths and the right side is much longer then the left. The left side part has slight bangs which fall to the right where it blends into a longer length which goes down to chin level, giving the front of the hair length and also a feminine touch. A textured finish adds a piecey look and also a voluminous finish. The front of the hair is foiled with light and golden pieces which gives Victoria a sun kissed look, perfect for her new Hollywood location.

Back: From the back, this short hairstyle looks totally different then the front. From the back hairline the hair is graduated up with heavily chipped into ends which add a very textured but blending finish. From the crown to the top-back part of the neck  the lengths are sliced to carry on a textured and full finish. At the very bottom to the mid back the color of the hair is a dark golden blonde, and from the crown to the mid back, the hair has blonde foils which have a piecey finish on top of the darker blonde.

Victoria Beckham Short Haircut Victoria Beckham Short Hairstyle

Right Side: The right side is the feature side where the concaved effect is most prominent. The right sides length flows down  with the jaw line, blending from short textured lengths to longer piecey strands at the very front. The right side shows that various blonde shades through the hair gives the hair a natural blonde finish. The longer pieces feature blonder highlights to help frame the longer pieces at the front.

Left Side: The left hand side has the graduating short textured lengths but the front has jaw line graduated length which sits neatly tucked behind the ears, leaving the right side to be the main feature with its longer length. The shorter side looks very natural, with the darker tone from the back showing at the very back sides and following up to lighter tones at the top where the blonde highlights give the hair a sun kissed finish.

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Sun, Jun 23rd, 2013, by Brittany
I have a round face and very thin hair.    I have had this hair cut for about 5 years now and I LOVE IT.    My hair is perfect for this cut.    What they can do if you have thin hair is pretty much make it have more volume to it.    That way when you style it its not thin and limp looking and it actually makes my hair look thicker.    If you have a round face they can shape it to where it doesnt look horrible on you.
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Sun, Oct 23rd, 2011, by Ffion
I am having a hair cut soon and I really want a pixie cut. I really like this one but the problem is I have thin hair so I'm not sure if it would work. Does it work with thin hair?
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Tue, Oct 11th, 2011, by victoria
i have very thick hair will it look ok on ,me
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Wed, Aug 24th, 2011, by anna
I'm liking victoria beckhams short hair it looks dead good but i think she looks good with long hair as well. :)
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kristin  swanson
Mon, Mar 21st, 2011, by kristin swanson
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Wed, Jan 19th, 2011, by Seven
I have thin hair, and I am a plus size 16-18 do you think this will be a good cut>
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ann B
Fri, Mar 4th, 2011, by ann B
Go to a salon that has a standard that their hair dressers must of graduated from Paul Mitchell School these salons wont hire you without them graduating from that high end reputible school even if they graduated fr a local beauty college the expectation is high there for the cut's are high end and they know how to do these types of cuts they look easy but you need a real pro to make it look as good as hers. YES to your ?, my sister is a plus sz lady and she has cat green eyes that rock she rocks her short hair style because she got it done somewhere good like I said and because she carrys off confidence! You can rock that hair style.
kelly louisee
Sun, Dec 26th, 2010, by kelly louisee
i need to see the back and other side x
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Wed, Aug 24th, 2011, by Anna
Same if i wanted hair like that i'd have to see the style from all angles!
Wed, Dec 15th, 2010, by lucy
i love sort hair i had short hair an grow it back and i so one of your hairs cuts and omg i fell in love with it and now i have sort hair agien and it same as your style i love it ! :) xx
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Tue, Nov 2nd, 2010, by Jael
So easy to do and so cute, to see more of them go at
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Wed, Mar 2nd, 2011, by Robyn
Thanks! It's a lil difficult since it's all in a foreign language but you just have to skim through all the photos. Lol. Thanks again!
Wed, Sep 1st, 2010, by niki
Love the hair but wondering if it works with thin hair?
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Michele Royalty
Sun, Sep 26th, 2010, by Michele Royalty
I have fine hair, but plenty of it and this cut works great for me. I have a bit of wave; sometimes I let it wave and sometimes I use a flat iron.
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