Short Haircut Styles for Men

Posted by HairLady on Tue, Mar 14th, 2006
Take a Short Cut for the Summer Summer is around the corner. This will be the season for extremely short, very sporty and highly textured haircut styles. The trends will be seeing soon as the 2006 FIFA World Cup is coming!

Get the Fresh Look
Tips when you are deciding on a new haircut:

  • Before your haircut, spend time talking to your hairstylist and make sure they understand what hairstyle you want. 
  • It will help your hairstylist to decide on the right hairstyle for your personality with the understanding of your unique fashion sense.
  • Don't be hesitated to ask your hairstylist about the techniques he/she will use for your hair.

It's easy to be versatile with a little creativity and product, know-how.

Short Haircuts for Men: Texturized Haircut
This haircut style is great for longer face shapes and coarse hair. This hairstyle creates a very sporty and texturized look with the use of a razor technique.
Style Tip: apply styling wax to damp hair. Using your fingers, rub in the wax over the entire hair. Remember, the messier the better. Allow hair to dry naturally.

Short Haircuts for Men: Razor Haircut
A wispy razored look that is fashionable and very easy to maintain. This hairstyle is best suited for coarse hair.
Style Tip: apply styling wax or moulding cream to damp hair, then using your fingers, mess up and texture the ends.


Short Haircuts for Men: Twisted Quiff Haircut
An uplifting casual hairstyle that creates movement and height to suit smaller rounder face shapes and straight to slightly wavy hair types best.
Regular trims are required to maintain a balanced shape.
Style Tip: apply mousse to damp hair then finger dry forward through the top and sides, then up straight in the front. Complete the look with moulding cream in the same direction, creating a peak on top.


Short Haircuts for Men: Short Tapper Haircut
This hairstyle is cut having longer layers on top. Back and sides have been cut into short layers leaving side-burns a little longer. Suits fine hair and will make the hair appear thicker.
Style Tip: apply moulding cream to damp hair. Using a vent brush, comb hair up in a peak on top. Allow hair to dry natural.


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Sun, Aug 24th, 2008, by AnGeViL brother just asked me 2 cut his hair 2morrow...but he doesn't know that it'll be the    second    time that i will do a men i searched.. and pooof! i'm planning 2 do that short tapper haircut....thanks 4 the tip...nd wish me the way, i'm just 16...jajaja so much 4 cosmetology...bye..
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