The Right Haircuts for Round Face Shapes

Posted by HairLady on Thu, May 31st, 2012
Having a round face and troubled with finding the right haircuts?
Don't worry. You are not alone. Loads of Hollywood ladies have round faces too. Most of the time, they show up with beautiful haircuts that flatter their face shapes perfectly, but sometimes, it's just the opposite.
Let's illustrate what's the right haircuts for round face shapes based on these celebrity haircut hits and misses.

A round face is characterized by a wide forehead, full cheeks and a round jaw. So when it comes to haircuts, whether short, medium or long, it is all about deflecting the roundness of your face and making it appear longer and slimmer.

Short Haircuts

short haircuts for round face shapes

Adding height at the crown and leaving the two sides clean, Gennifer Goodwin’s spiky pixie haircut here makes her round face appear longer than it actually is, creating an illusion that Gennifer had a perfect oval face. This pixie haircut is definitely a good choice for a round shape.

To the contrary, Venessa Hudgens makes a wrong choice. Falling above her chin, the curls add volume to both sides and promote width of the cheeks, making her face appear even rounder and wider. This is a typical example of what not to wear.

Note: adding volume on top, not to both sides, is the key trick for wearing short haircut for round face shape.

Medium Haircuts

medium haircuts for round face shapes

Katy Perry’s sleek bob is a nice look for a round face! The straight lines of the sides help slim the face down, while the off centre part divides the face unevenly, making it appear longer rather than wider.

However, Miley Cyrus’ medium curly haircut is a disaster for round face shapes. A center part reveals her wide forehead, while the tight curls equally around two sides only accentuate width and roundness. This is definitely not good for round face shapes.

Note: side part is the best friend of girls with round faces while a center part should be avoided when wearing a medium haircut.

Long Straight Haircuts

long straight haircut for round face shapes

Does it surprise you that Emma Stone had both the right and wrong long straight haircuts? Her sleek look with side-swept bangs is fabulous while the middle-parted version without bangs looks so boring and flat. It is obviously the side-swept fringe that makes the difference; it helps to break the roundness and fullness of the face for a balanced look.

Plus, we rarely see Emma without side-swept bangs now, no matter she’s wearing curls or updos. She surely knows how to take advantage of side bangs.

Note: long straight haircuts tend to expose how round your face is. Do wear a side-swept fringe to frame the face.

Long Wavy Haircuts

long wavy haircuts for round face shapes

Both wearing long waves and side-swept bangs, Miley Cyrus’ style looks perfect but Selena Gomez's version turns out wrong. 

The reason? Selena creates too much volume around her cheeks. Instead of lengthening her face, the tight curls add width to the sides, which makes the face appear larger and incredibly round. This style is just not suited to a round face shape.

Note: when wearing long wavy haircuts, don't create too volume around the cheeks. Gentle waves with no width will look better.

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Sat, Aug 24th, 2013, by klryan1231
Want to try something different that doesn't make double chin stand out

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Sun, Mar 24th, 2013, by Jen
Meh. I get WAY more compliments now that I wear my hair curly, kind of a cross between Selena's long style and Miley's medium style. I used to wear it more like Emma's long straight haircut.
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