The Funkiest Colors for Summer 2014

Posted by HairLady on Mon, May 19th, 2014
Add some heat to your locks! Summer being just round the corner makes us want to get to it in style! What would be better than to play chameleon and go for a change of color? There are so many great products that let you safely experiment with your shade now that it would be a shame not to give it a go. Take a look at the ladies who took the plunge and choose your own funky summer color.
1. Katy Perry's slime green
Katy Perry's slime green
You can always count on Katy to come up with a fresh new colour. We must admit, though, that had our doubts when she went for 'slime green'. Let's be honest, it doesn't sound like the sexiest shade in the color palette. But Katy being Katy absolutely nailed it. We love her choppy bob to, so overall we have to say hats off( literally)!
2. Nicole Richie's pastel purple
Nicole Richie's pastel purple
We wrote about Nicole purple swap before and we are more than happy that she decided to stick with it. She really proves how wonderfully versatile she makes it look. Here, she went for an updo with lots of volume that surrounds her face with this gorgeous shade of lavender. Doesn't it make you want to give it a try?
3.Kristen Stewart's tangerine shade
Kristen Stewart's tangerine shade
Oranges may be good for you, but pulling off an orange shade is quite a feat because such an intense shade could easily make you look quite pale and subdued. If you want to hop on the orange wagon you might want to consider the option modelled by Kristen, which is leaving your roots darker and going for a heavier make up to avoid the wash-out effect. She managed to look fantastic!
4. Rummer Willis copper and pink
Rummer Willis copper and pink
Rummer Willis really took things up a notch in a hair department opting for a head full of bright pink ends mixed up with copper shades by the roots. Although it might seem like a recipe for a disaster it actually looks perfect: the copper gives her locks depth and the pink is such a feminine touch. Does the effect makes you want to mix and match?
We hope that you are already inspired by our summer cocktail of colours. Do post a picture if you decide to go for any, or all of them, we're looking forward to seeing your transformations!

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