The Best and the Hottest Cuts of Spring 2013

Posted by Maggie on Tue, Feb 19th, 2013
Looking for a dramatic change? Tired of your long strands? Want to try something new this spring? If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, you have come to the right place.
Be assured that you are joined in your wants and wishes with quite a number of celebrities who opted for a chop recently. If you're ready, then let's have a look at the best and the hottest cuts of this season.

1. The Karlie
The Karlie chopped haircut

 The Victoria's Secret model has created more than a bit of a stir when she went for a chop but her cute hairstyle has found plenty of fans and has been copied by so many women around that it's simply called The Karlie now. Her slightly tousled gentle locks and side swept long bangs are perfect for any face shape and the length makes her do quite versatile. 

2. Glamour pixie
Anne Hathaway pixie haircut
Anne Hathaway has become the gorgeous walking proof that short hair is elegant stylish and versatile, too. No matter if she keeps her mane short, or if she grows it a little so the bangs graze her eyes, or if she sweeps it off her face, she looks equally lovely. We love her BAFTA awards grown out do with a bit of texture for the ultimate glamour look.

3. Edgy cut
Charlize Theron  short haircut
Charlize Theron went for the super short buzzcut and we have to admit that she is able to pull it off in style. An ultra short do is not for the shy or faint-hearted and it is bound to make you noticed so think hard before you decide to opt for this or similar chop. If you do though, enjoy the attention, the freedom and the considerable cut down time spend on styling.
4. Versatile long bob
Nicole Richie's long bob haircut
If you are not ready for a radical change take a page out Nicole Richie's book and go for a safer  long bob. This hair do simply cannot look bad on anyone, on the contrary – it brings freshness and radiance to your face and, it goes without saying, it makes you look and feel years younger. An additional advantage is that it's easy to style in a plethora of different styles – plaits, waves, straight stands, you name it!
Tricks: If even a long bob sounds to radical to you but you really want to try something different then there is one thing you can do. Follow Freida Pinto's example and opt for a faux bob – all you need is a bunch bobby pins and a bit of patience to completely transform your hair do without the stress of the salon visit. And who knows? You might like your faux shorter hair so much that you will want to try the real cut. Whatever you choose, make sure you are comfortable with it!
 faux bob

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