The Best Bobs and Lobs of Winter 13/14

Posted by HairLady on Tue, Dec 24th, 2013
Tired of winters blues this season? Looking for a hairstyle to spice up those chilly winter days? A nice bob might just be the thing for you. They look great with any kind of headgear, be it hats, scarves or berets. They are perfect to keep those dry ends healthy because you will be trimming your tresses every six to eight weeks. And best of all, they come in a multitude of forms to choose from. We've rounded up a selection of celebrities who rock the bob to convince you to join the bob club.

Kate Mara's impeccable bobKate Mara's impeccable bob

Kate Mara went for a slightly longer version of the bob here, ending just above her collar bones. Her hair is smooth and straight with only a slight angle at the end which gives her a very classy air completed by side parting tucked behind her ear. This bob is just a simple perfection that looks great in any circumstances.





Reese Witherspoon's textured bob.

Reese Witherspoon's textured bobReese's hair is normally on the straight side but for this occasion she opted for textured waves complete with the straight, side-swept bangs. The secret of this do is keeping the very ends straight to avoid the messy, bedhead look. To create the waves use a texturising spray and remember to dry your hair with a diffuser.






Naomi Campbell's sophisticated lob.

Naomi Campbell's sophisticated lob.The elegance is in the simplicity as proven here by Naomi Campbell. Her shiny chocolate brown tresses are expertly cut below her collarbones. The eye-grazing bangs that she is sporting are only slightly parted which give her an air of casual chic. For this look, avoid blunt cuts and make sure you use serum to achieve the glossy finish.






Lily Colins's parted bob.

Lily Colins's parted bob.If you are used to wearing your bob with a side parting it might feel strange to switch to centre parting, but try it and you might be pleasantly surprised. This look takes the years away and rejuvenates. It looks great especially on those blessed with an oval face, but be careful to steer clear of poker straight hair if you opt for it as it can really elongate the face.






Jessica Alba's grown out ombre lob.

Jessica Alba's grown out ombre lob.The beauty of the bob is also how much you can play with it in terms of texture and colour for stunning effects. Just like Jessica in the picture below you might want to brighten your lob with some ombre colour. As for the texture, Jessica went for loose curls that start somewhere in the mid-length of her do and give it loads of volume. A great lob for any time of day and night.






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