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Posted by Maggie on Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015
There is no need for us to introduce the most popular TV series of all times, surely! The truth is that if you haven't heard of Game of Thrones you must have been living under a rock. Just like everyone else in the world we cannot help but wait anxiously for the next episode not only because we want to know more about the twisted fates of the heroes of the Westeros but also because we cannot get enough of those fabulous costumes and, obviously, gorgeous hairstyles. We have rounded off our favourites below, together with little tricks of how to pull them off in real life.
One point that we need to draw your attention to is the fact that most of the ladies of the Seven Kingdoms wear their hair really long, and even though we know that the stylists on set work with wigs most of the time, if you want to step up your game to the Game of Thrones level you might want to invest in one or think of hair extensions. 
That said please join us in the awesome hair appreciation of the GoT!  
Margaery Tyrell
Margaery is a magnificent and confident woman who knows her strengths and is able to use them to get what she wants. Being very skilled in using her feminine charms to manipulate others, her hairstyles are a beautiful mix of untamed  and sophisticated – twists and half up are usually what she goes for. 
Our tip: work on curled hair if you are not a natural curly head. You can either braid your locks overnight or use rollers. To make sure that your twists stay in place, pin them discretely using bobby pins.  
Daenerys Targaryen 
Daenerys Targaryen hairstyle
Dany is a stunning beauty with a mass of platinum blond locks. She is definitely a lady with a lot of personal baggage but all her experiences makes her even stronger and bolder. Her preferred hairstyles are polished braids inspired by the time that she spent with the Dothrakis. After all, you need your hair to stay in place if you're planning on crossing the desert on horseback!
Our tip: Second day hair is easiest to braid because it's less slippery. If you really must braid freshly washed hair, use some dry shampoo to give it some texture but steer clear of mousses and gels because they will only make the hair more sticky.
Sansa Stark 
Sansa Stark hairstyle
Sansa is a proper young lady epitomised. A bit na?ve but fresh and innocent, at the beginning at least, as her life changes dramatically with the death of her father she loses her innocence but keeps her delicate and classy appearance. In the choice of her hairstyles she always follows the court fashion so we have seen some pretty elaborated hairdos on her, but what we like best is her natural style, with twin braids and natural waves.
Our tip: using very small sections of your hair for the braids will let you control the tightness more easily and the braids are bound to stay in place.
Cersei Lannister
Cersei Lannister hairstyle
More regal than any living queen, Cersei's classic features are emphasised even more by her elaborated updos. One of our favourites is this exquisite variation of a crown braid. What makes is unique is three things: how the strands around her face are twisted and pinned, how the braid is made into a bun high up on her head and how the rope braids are woven around the base braid and left lose falling in two strands on her shoulders. Absolute flawlessness.
Our tip: use clips to secure the rope braids. You want to make sure that they will not move, as it will ruin the whole effect. 

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