Fresh Celebrity Bob Hairstyles for the Summer.

Posted by Maggie on Mon, Jul 7th, 2014
So, summer is in full swing, and even though we have a history of drooling over some wonderful bobs and lobs, there can be no doubt that bob is still THE hairstyle of the season, yet another. Just accept it and take a look at our selection of celebrities that bring out the best bobs.
Kaley Cuoco's beachy bob
Fresh celebrity bob hairstyles for the summer.
Before the Big Bang star opted for a pixie, she went through an absolutely adorable bob stage. So what  makes this hair styles so great that we're crossing our fingers for her to keep growing her pixie out? One thing is the asymmetrical cut, and the other is the texture of her wavy hair crunched a bit for the beachy look. Combine the two and you have the perfect summer bob. 
Regina Hall's versatile bob
egina Hall's versatile bob
If you have been looking for a perfect hair 'do that you would be able to wear for the party and at the office, we have the best news for you, courtesy of Regina's lovely bob from this year's BET Awards. Her  sleek bob with nice volume and long side bangs will not look out of place wherever you decide to go. The volume is the key, so dig out your big round brush for drying and enjoy the fabulous results. 
Jennifer Aniston's minimalistic lob
Jennifer Aniston's minimalistic lob
Let's be honest, if Jen does it, it's supposed to be done and there is no one who could argue with that logic. Although recently she's been going back and forth with her length, we really love her darker bob that she chose to promote her brand in Boston. Her hair is a bit longer at the front but the most important thing is that it's not bluntly chopped off; you need some really thorough layering at the ends to achieve the same effect of simplicity and elegance.
 Kylie Jenner's ombre bob
Kylie Jenner's ombre bob
Bob's are great when you want to emphasise your new ombre colour. Kylie chose a striking aquamarine, but you don't have to be that bold, and you can opt for a classic ombre, two or three shades lighter than your base. The point is, though, that with shorter hair, the colour is much more visible so if you are ready for a big change, go with bob and ombre!
Coco Rocha's fierce bob
Coco Rocha's fierce bob
Coco Rocha is known for statement hair, and she did not disappoint this time. Her hair is cropped just under her ears on the sides, which is great for the summer heat. The biggest eye-draw, though, is in the form of her statement bangs – short enough to expose her eyes and eyebrows but long enough to keep the whole ensemble looking fierce rather than girly. Are you going to embrace her bob this summer?

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