Best hairstyles to wear under a hat

Posted by Maggie on Wed, Jan 14th, 2015
Don't we know how tricky it is to keep being stylish when you fight the adversities of the winter! Dry air makes your hair frizz-free, true, but then there's static that ruins it for you. On top of that some hats that are made of unbreathable materials will make your strands more oily, and there is the dreaded 'hat hair' that we all want to avoid. But we come to your winter rescue! The hairstyles below are winter- and hat-friendly, so make sure that you read our comments and advice and let us know which one strikes your fancy.
Loose waves
Rachel McAdams loose waves
No matter what your hair length  or structure is, we can guarantee that you will have a hats-down winner when you decide to style it into loose waves.  Being a bit messy, in a sexy kind of way, it will let you get away with a lot of issues that inevitable come up in the winter period, perhaps this is why Rachel McAdams chose it as well. The waves will look great peeking out of any kind of hat.
Our advice: take out those volumising products and be sure to apply them! Your strands will inevitably loose some of the volume, but delicately scrunching your hair with your head upside down after you've taken your hat off, will bring back some of the bounce. Another trick is switching your parting after you've taken the hat off for an added volume at the front.
Under tuck
Olivia Palermo bob hairstyle 2015
This is for all of you whose hair is on the long side. Have you thought that maybe you don't need a hat after all? You might want to try out Olivia Palermo's neat recipe and simply tuck your hair into your sweater or coat. It will definitely keep your ears warm and save you the time spent looking for this perfect winter hat. Another bonus right there is that this neat hairdo allows you to try out the hot bob hairstyle and is a painless way to mix up your look.
Our advice: use your Static Guard in abundance because your hair is likely to go absolutely mad once you have set it free.
Messy braids
Blake Lively braided hairstyle 2015
This is an ingenious idea for even the most unruly winter hair that will work with literally any kind of hat, but we will let you in on the secret. Braids are the best way to tame your mane. But the key here is the messy part. Forget the super elaborated braids where no hair out of place is allowed. Just relax and let your strands frame your face in little wisps. Depending on your hat you can go for a high braid, like Blake Lively on our photo, or go a bit lower. Your choice!
Our advice: use a texturising spray and second-day hair for the best results. That way your braid will be much more structured and long-lasting.
Scarlett Johansson bangs haircut 2015
Straight, blunt, picey, side-swept, eye-grazing, you choose the kind of bangs that best suits you, obviously. And even though you might have thought that it is easier to grow your bangs out for the winter, we want you to reconsider it, as there is nothing more pretty than a hint of bangs coming out from under your hat and framing your face. This is also something to remember for those of you with short hair as well, just like Scarlett Johansson recently playing on the short team.
Our advice: schedule regular trimmings of your bangs to keep them in the best of shapes and they will be your favourite winter hair accessory.

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