Best Christmas Party Hairstyles for all Hair Lengths

Posted by Maggie on Sat, Dec 20th, 2014
The festive season is unfolding and with it there come multiple occasions when we have to look our best. Be it your annual work Christmas party, a festive dinner with the in-laws or a romantic date during the best time of the year, we have got you covered. Take a look at our stars and choose the style to steal this season!

 Long hair

 Glamorous one-shoulder waves

Carrie Underwood one-shoulder waves 2015 Christmas party hairstyle

You can trust Carrie Underwood to come up with a classic and simple but very chic hairstyle that anybody will be able to pull off. You need to leave wide rollers in your hair for about half an hour and remember to make sure that the hair around your face is rolled backwards to open you up. Then, just gently brush your locks, add a deep part and sweep the locks to one shoulder. You might want to secure it with the bobby pins as well to be certain that it stays there no matter what, like Cara Delevigne did recently. This little trick works Christmas miracles!

Unconventional Braids

Amanda Seyfried Christmas party hairstyle

Braided hairstyles are spectacular, comfortable and long lasting, so well worth the braiding time. Especially if you decide to follow the lead of our braid-spiration Amanda Seyfried. Forget the traditional one braid and divide your locks into two sections, braid one on each side of your head and wrap at the base of the neck into a bun, twisting your strands. You can stop there, tuking all the hair in, or if you want to emulate Amanda's perfect do, take out the longest section of your hair and let it fall on your back. That's your take on braids this Christmas!

 Mid-length hairstyles

Centre parted waves

Kate Upton Christmas party hairstyle

Parting your hair different way than what you usually choose can dramatically change your look, so try experimenting with your line a bit to spice up your Christmas without spending a fortune for your stylist. Take Kate Upton here who usually parts her hair to the side, but is totally transformed when she has gone for the middle parting. Her hair, curled mid-length and expertly layered softens her features and and creates a super sexy look, just what we had in mind when thinking of a Christmas-y hair!

Twist and shout

Gugu Mbatha-Raw Christmas party hairstyle

If you are having a bad hair day or if your hair is at this awkward length and you feel that there is nothing you can do to make it look right, we have a great idea for you, courtesy of Gugu Mbatha-Raw. She curled hair hair and pinned small twisted sections carefully on her head keeping the curly texture visible. To add some Christmas spark, you can use a special shine hairspray or even some glitter in your hair. Easy and super attractive, just we we need for Christmas!

Short hairstyles

Shine on out

Scarlet Johansson's Christmas party hairstyle

Short hairstyles are much less fussy to deal with and it doesn't take much to transform them into festive dos. If you have your doubts it's enough to catch a glimpse of Scarlet Johansson's sexy little haircut. Since the secret is in the cut, it only takes some shine serum, a casual comb through and a bold make up to upgrade an edgy pixie to a great evening do that will make everyone's head turn.

 Super trendy wob

Sienna Miller Christmas party hairstyle

Wobs are all the rave at the moment and if you don't know what we're talking about, head over to our wob article  for a quick update. Sienna Miller definitely embraced the trend and she has given us a perfect party hairstyle at the same time. Her hair is styled in gentle, seemingly wind-swept waves and parted deep on the side. The overall messiness is the key to this carefree hairstyle that will look good any time of day of night.

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