Leighton Meester -- The Headband Hairstyle Queen

Posted by HairLady on Wed, Nov 24th, 2010
The TV series Gossip Girl raises a fashion storm from head to toe, hairstyle is certainly no exception.
In the series Blair Waldorf (acted by Leighton Meester), in this regard, deserves her title as Queen B; she is not only a queen of creating gossip, but also a queen of hair makeover with various dazzling headband. The return of headband makeover, brings back a whirlwind of the elegant and aristocratic hairstyle in the 60s and 70s, which is stunningly interpreted by Leighton Meester.
Unlike Serena's wild and free blond tousled tresses within the Gossip Girl, Blair's brunette sleek hair stands out in her own way of delicacy, superiority and elegance. Whether curls, ponytail, braids or updo, Queen B has got the trick to refine herself. That's the headband, like a queen's crown.
The headband of various colors and styles within the series vivify Queen B's pixie-like and capricious character. With whatever style of headband put on, she simply matches it well with the haircut and overall makeover.

Let's take a snapshot at Queen B's headband looks.

The black silk-covered headband pairing with the long and big curls spells out a gorgeous and royal quality.

The flower-patterned silk headband binding the long wavy hair demonstrates a bohemian sensation.

The butterfly-shaped pink headband tying up the updos sharply outlines the face meanwhile achieves a sweet look.

The slender colorful headband hidden in the side-parted bangs lights up the sleek hair.

The brown velours-covered headband accompanied with the ponytail takes on a decorous look.

The blue silk fabrics headband put on the shoulder-length straight hair reveals a youthful and lively spirit.

Below are some tips to spice up your look by stealing Queen B's headband hairstyles:

First, make sure your hair is as long as Blair's, at least to the length at the level of shoulder. Loose and long curls or wavy hair tail would be a good choice, as headband and wavy hairstyle always pair well, making you look elegant in a revitalized style. Certainly, short haircut can also match headband, which may make you look more lovely and vigorous.

Next, the color of headband should be compatible with that of makeup and clothing, such as eye shadow, collar of dress. For example, black silk-covered headband is fairly suitable for dress trimmed with black lace patterns on the chest (the 1st photo )

Last, as headband generally give the impression of being girly, Blair in most of the time wears the dresses whose materials are basically chiffon, silk or lace. Therefore, when you wears headband, in whatever style, you'd better pick some clothes of elegant or exquisite style that can show feminine spirit.

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