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Posted by HairGuy on Mon, Sep 20th, 2010
Do you want a short hairstyle that makes your face shine?
Of course you do, who doesn't? Picking a short haircut is simple, getting a pixie or bob hairstyle like the celebrities is pretty quick and easy. Right? Wrong.
Getting a bob hairstyle like Rihanna may seem like a great idea, but if your face isn't shaped like Rihanna's it could turn into a disaster.
Choosing a good cut is an art. Hereby we've got some ideas to help you find the Best short hairstyles for your face shape and your hair.

Haircuts Should Match the Face

When choosing a short haircut the first thing you have to consider is honestly look at your face and decide what you want to show and what you want to hide. The good and bad thing about short hairstyles is that they draw all eyes to your face. If the short haircut is done right this will make you light up a room, done wrong and you'll be searching for a bag to put over your head.
Is your face oblong, heart shaped, square, or oval? These shapes each call for different hairstyles and you ignore them at your own risk.

 If you have a square face or a double chin, you should consider a bob haircut that stops either an inch or two above or below your jaw. If your hair stops at your jaw, it emphasizes your double chin or square face rather than softening or hiding it.


For women with an oblong face, or if you have a high hairline some bangs will help make your face seem smaller by covering your forehead. An updo with a high crown is definitely the wrong choice as you want to give your face a rounder appearance.

On the other hand if you've got a low hairline or a heart shaped face bangs are not your friend. Show off your forehead with a pixie haircut. The short hairstyle will make your forehead look larger and put attention on your cheekbones and jaw.

For an oval face a bob haircut that stops just short of your jaw, but with longer layers at the side and back will help make your face look thinner. If the bob is too long you could end up framing your face, making it seem even rounder. By leaving your jaw hair free, mixed with some long layers your face will look thinner.

Hair Texture and Hairstyles

The next thing you must do before choosing that great short haircut is your hair texture. Do you have fine, medium or coarse hair? This can and will affect your choice in short hairstyles.

For fine hair, short haircuts should be blunt and used to add volume. A simple bob hairstyle like Chelsea Staub's, possibly with a few angled cuts to add some flare, will make your hair look fuller and less wimpy.

If you have medium hair, you're a lucky girl and have a lot of short haircuts to choose from. Since your hair can handle chemicals more easily then other hair types, adding curls, waves or layers like Carey Mulligan, can make a bob haircut or pixie hairstyle stand out in the crowd.

Layered hairstyles are almost always the best choice if you have coarse and thick hair. By layering it will help lessen the thickness as well as making it easier to control. You should definitely avoid short hairstyles that require heavy chemicals  since they can make your thick hair look even thicker.

When choosing the right short haircut, don't simply consider the latest celebrity short hairstyle. Look at yourself in the mirror and think about what is best for your face and hair, then decide how you can best show it off. 


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Thu, Nov 3rd, 2011, by Arti
Since a long time I am researching for a perfect haircut for me as I just do not want to cut my hair with some unsuitable style on me and want something classy at the same time. Please help if possible. If required, I can send couple of more pics of mine for better understanding. I stay at 22042, VA (USA). Thank you.
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Rita Zaslasky
Fri, Aug 26th, 2011, by Rita Zaslasky
where are you located? I can do a perfect hair cut for you based on your facial characteristics, eye color, etc. I'm a professional hairdresser with thirty years experience and European training in Littleton, Colorado.
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Sat, Aug 20th, 2011, by richa
plz help me in finding perfect haircut for me as soon as possible.
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