Emma Stone: 3 Styling Tricks for Round Face Shape

Posted by HairLady on Thu, Sep 1st, 2011
Young, sweet girl Emma Stone jumpstarted her career by tinting her natural blonde locks red and has become another red-hot style icon in the Hollywood. Emma has a typical round face - not a perfect oval one; yet every time she shows up, she manages to look stunning with flattering styles that go perfectly with her round face.

Apparently Emma Stone has more tricks than just the red hue to look beautiful. If you also have a round face, read on and learn her styling tricks.

Trick 1: wearing a deep side part and side-swept bangs

Emma likes to experiment with different hairstyles. Straight or wavy, up or down, no matter what hair style she sports, Emma sticks to a deep side part and side-swept bangs, which break up the fullness of her round face and make it look longer and slimmer.

Emma demonstrates that  hairstyles with a deep side part and side-swept bangs really work great for a round face.

Trick 2: creating volume and body at the crown

Sometimes Emma gives up side-swept bangs and tries wispy, full bangs for a fresh new look. Full bangs are a challenging style for round face shapes, as they would seem to cut the length of the face, making it appear shorter. By teasing the hair at crown area or pulling up the upper half, clever Emma avoids the shortage of full bangs while keeping the fresh, chic flair.

Round-face Emma could even fit in an updo hairstyle with no bangs! An updo without fringe is supposed to reveal how round the face is, but extra height on top makes Emma's face look more like oval and draws all attention to her gorgeous features.

Trick 3: wearing long, dangling earrings

Apart from a suitable hairstyle, there is another simple yet efficient way to slim down your round face. Wearing long dangling earrings like Emma Stone will instantly give the illusion of a longer face and enhance the appearance with lustrous, feminine allure.

Learn Emma Stone's three tricks and embrace a flattering style right for your round face now!


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