Back To School Hairstyles for Fashionable Teenagers

Posted by HairGuy on Sat, Aug 21st, 2010
A new look for the new semester is an important back to school fashion choice. Deciding what hairstyle is best for school as well as the new you and won't have you dying from fashion embarrassment takes some planning, but can be done with a bit of forethought. With all the hair choices to choose from it is best to think carefully about the new you, you want to show for your back to school hairstyle. A new semester demands a new look, instead of rushing to get your haircut in the latest trendy fashion and hating it, think ahead and find the perfect haircut.

Emo Hair for Boys and Girls
Increasingly common for boys and girls with short hair, and who want a simple easy to maintain haircut, emo hair is spreading throughout North America copying emo bands like Alexisonfire, 30 Seconds to Mars and My Chemical Romance. This celebrity hairstyle is great for girls with medium or short hair, and for boys with hair a little longer than normal. Bangs, usually fairly large cover much of the forehead, and on girls these bangs will often cover or shade one eye.

This fashionable hairstyle is easy to create saving you lots of time in the morning. Some gel and a few moments of styling should be more then enough to get the perfect fashionable hair. The bangs also help frame the face and are always in style due to their youthful but thoughtful appearance.

Trendy Haircuts Ideas for Short Hair
Short hair is a huge way to change your looks when going back to school, especially if you had long hair last term. Sporty short hair can be styled in ways that add layers, depth and texture, while keeping hair care to a minimum. Short hair dries quickly and a bit of styling mousse can get the desired fashionable hairstyle in minutes.
Emma Watson showed how a very short pixie haircut can be great looking, trendy and easy to maintain.  Having only a few inches of hair means that you can wash it and go without worry about a bad hair day. It frames the face and shows how confident you in your new sporty haircut and the new you.

The bob haircut has made a comeback in the last seven years, with Victoria Beckham, Rihana and Christina Ricci showing off this fashionable hairstyle. The hair is cut at chin or neck level at the front and rises up at the back, if done right the asymmetrical hairstyle can look daring and fun. If highlights are added at the tips or side it will be the perfect new look for the new semester.

Medium and Long Hair Back to School Hairstyles
Short hairstyles offer a sporty look and are easy to style, but medium and long hair offers you a variety of ways to change your looks without having to go crazy with the scissors for the perfect back to school new hairstyle.  
The most important thing to remember with long hair when planning a hairstyle is that layers are vital, this is why curly and wavy hairstyles are so popular with long hair celebrity hairstyles. Long hair without layers looks dead and boring, it's not the trendy fashion statement you want to make when going back to school. This is where highlights can really help, especially if you want to keep your long hair straight. Highlighting your hair will help draw the eye to your new haircut, and the change in hue gives your hair added texture and detail, making it look more alive.

Ponytails and braids are some of the easiest styles you can use create with long hair. Miley Cyrus has won praise with her messy ponytail, allowing her to show off some lovely bangs, easily maintain her long hair, and show a bit of a wild side. Kristen Stewart often has a ponytail hairstyle that is more elegant but still easy to do, keeping her hair out of her face and under control.

Hair Coloring and the New You
Hair coloring or at least some highlights can make your first day back at school a memorable one. Changing your hair changes the way people see you, going from blond to black, or black to red, especially when matched to the right haircut shows that you have changed. Even just adding some highlights can help add new life to your hair and your personality without having your parents or teachers panic.

When planning that all important new semester, new you hairstyle consider what colors may be best at showing off your personality, do you want to be more sporty, outgoing, mature or playful. The right hair color is almost as important as the right haircut.


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