4 Ways to Steal Celebrity's Center Parted Hairstyles

Posted by HairLady on Fri, Dec 17th, 2010
Want a brand new look with little effort? You can't go wrong changing your deep side part to a center part.
As one of the enduring hairdo trends, center parted hairstyles have always been popular among celebrities. The prevalence is because that the center part creates a vintage yet modern appearance, and is very easy to create.
Check out some celebrity center-parted examples and get some inspiration to make you look fabulous.

Love your long hair
Parting your long hair in the center creates a dramatic look. Romantic curls or silky-smooth straight are great options for a hairstyle with center part.

Jennifer Aniston's trademark center- parted straight hairstyle is great for girls with straight hair.
This style is very simple to do, and can be created within 3 minutes: After center-parting hair and blowing it dry, use a flat iron.

Julia Roberts creates cascading waves and soft fullness with stacked layers
Steal her style:
Center part hair and apply a little bit of hair gel. Before it dries, divide hair into smaller sections and wrap them tightly over a curling iron. Curl and blow dry hair.

Cut to medium length
If you get tired with the center-parted long hair, you can cut it short at chin length or shoulder length, which can bring a bouncing and youthful spirit to you.

Jessica Alba and Kate Beckinsale look gorgeous yet lively in their center part waves at shoulder length.
Based on the center parted hairstyle, Ashley Olsen has her blond cut short at the nape of the neck but leave it long at the cheeks, which makes her looking stylish even though she wears simple straight hair.

Style braids to achieve youthful, sweet look
Braids can be well utilized to create a younger-looking, sweet appearance. The successful Hollywood celebrities are good at this trick and play it in a diverse way.

Nicky Hilton styles a tiny, delicate fishtail braid and twists it along the crown.
Lauren Conrad sculpts a loose, casual braid and ties it back with the top half section of the hair, creating a distinct partial updo.

Audrina Patridge fashions her thick locks into a low fishtail at the nape.

Wearing headbands to achieve vintage-inspired look
The model Danica Smith chooses a wide headband to adorn her long brunette waves, showing a sweet and sexy sensation.
While Mischa Barton likes hippie headband, wearing it along the forehead. Dazzling headband or braided headband with feathers is the best bet for showing hippie feature, and can make you distinct among the public.

Center Part Dos and Don'ts
Though the center part type is a timeless and easy-to-do hairstyle, it is not a fits-all hair dressing. Keeping some 'Dos and Don'ts ' in mind can help you style an appropriate center-parted haircut.
First, center parted hairstyles are only suitable for long and medium-length hair. If you decide on this type of hairstyles, you'd better grow you hair at least to the length of chin.
Second, straight hair with a center part is not suitable for the people with too-round face shape or long face, as that would show off the weak points. For them, it is suggested to make some changes in their tresses or wear some accessories.
Last, you'd better not make your center part too sleek and tight at the crown of the head, unless you have a perfect face shape like oval, natural heart shape.

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