2010 Medium Haircut and Hairstyle Trends

Posted by Hairguy on Tue, Aug 31st, 2010
Many women love the medium haircut, and with good reason, there are simply so many kinds of medium hairstyles to choose from.
Whether a woman's mid-length hair is straight, curly, messy, wavy or layered there are so many more hairstyles to be had when compared to long or short hair. The one problem with mid-length hairstyles is that they're constantly changing. 2010 hairstyle trends have seen the reintroduction of bangs, as well as a variety of new curly hairstyles, straight haircuts and wavy hairstyles.
Fortunately mid-length haircuts are easy to change to fit the newest fashions. With just a bit of work at home, maybe a quick trip to the hairstylist and you can have a new fashionable medium hairstyle. Of course you should be careful to find the best medium haircut for you before following the latest mid-length hairstyle trend.

Curly Hairstyle Trends

Curly hair is always a good way to make an impression with a mid-length haircut. Properly done curls can show your youthful and fun loving side, or they can show a formal but flamboyant side like Elisabeth Moss. Curly medium hairstyles generally take longer to style than other mid-length haircuts but they're usually well worth the effort for both young and older women who want to shine. You will have to decide if you want loose flowing curls or tight curls that hug your face. The hairstyle trend is that the longer your hair the looser the curls, but feel free to experiment and see what medium hairstyle is best for you.
Just remember truly fashionable curly haircuts always have layers. The layers help define the curls and add volume to your hairstyle, this is especially important if your hair is very fine. 

Straight Medium Haircuts

The opposite of curls and one of the easiest to style and maintain medium haircuts is the straight hairstyle. The straight hairstyle trend can fit a variety of faces depending on the style of haircut. Eva Longoria Parker has been seen framing her round face with an asymmetric mid-length haircut that with proper layering gives added definition to her beautiful face, especially her jawline.
By added some jagged edges and bangs to a typical straight medium hairstyle you can achieve a nice punk look and increase your hairs texture.
For a more simple yet glamorous look, a simple bob haircut with layers added near the bottom will add body to any woman's hair, as Tina Fey shows regularly.
The best thing about straight medium hairstyles is that they are so easy to do. After you get the right look simply trim it every three to four weeks and do some basic hair care at home.

Waves: The Most Popular Hairstyle Trend

The wavy hairstyle has been very popular in 2010, most likely because they're fun hairstyle that won't take a great deal of time to maintain. Your hair is naturally wavy, with some careful hairstyling to add layers and texture your waves can really shine and draw every eye in the room.
Shenae Grimes often adds body and volume to her great hair by using short and long layers, allowing her mid-length hair to move easily yet keep its shape. By keeping the layers to the back and sides your medium haircut will look good at an office or party.
A fun hairstyle trend for wavy mid-length haircuts is to add layers not only on the sides and back, but the top as well. The extra layers can be fluffed up to add height and some bounce to your hairstyle. This messy hairstyle trend goes really well when combined with some long bangs.

Newest 2010 Hairstyle Trend: Bangs

Bangs have once more become an important hairstyle trend for medium hairstyles. For more formal straight medium haircuts thick bangs that cover just a part of the forehead may be more appropriate, as Salma Hayek has shown several times this year. But for more fun looks especially with waves and curly medium haircuts thin and messy bangs are the fashionable way to go. 

Medium hairstyles are the best way to ensure you're always fashionable in the quickly changing hairstyle trends of 2010. No matter what type of hair you have find the best medium haircut for you and try it out. When you see the results you will fall in love with your great, new look.

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